tts Spirit

People matter most at our company. We think that team spirit and a willingness to help other people out are what counts – not getting ahead at all costs. We strive to get better all the time, learn from our mistakes and make things happen. That works best when you strike a friendly tone and when the management team is open and welcoming. Does that sound good to you? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Your way to us

  • Your wellbeing is important to us.

    We want to know that you’re OK! Every Friday, all our offices in Germany put on a free lunch, and there is always free coffee, tea and fruit available.


  • Regular company events and team activities

    Communication and group activities are a big part of working life at tts. While departments host their own internal events on a regular basis, there is also a Christmas party and a two-day summer festival for all tts staff. You can take part in our annual ski trip, too, if you like.

  • Workplace pensions and accident insurance:

    Preparing for the future is something that will be more important to some than others but, whatever your circumstances, we will help you build up your nest egg.

  • Flexible working hours:

    Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can tailor your work to your natural rhythm with us. As long as your hours fit in with customer deadlines and appointments and are coordinated with your colleagues, you can be flexible.

  • Sustainability

    Did you know that being environmentally friendly is very important to us and that we provide all staff with stainless steel bottles and filtered water? We prefer to travel by train and, when we do travel, we like to take our tts backpacks, which are made of recycled materials.