Ensuring change is successful

We give people the skills they need for new tasks, either by training customers in person at their premises or by providing digital content that supports learning at any time and place. As part of our team, you will take on the role of consultant, project manager, coach, author and concept developer. Does that sound diverse? That’s because it is. After all, any less won’t do when it comes to achieving your goal, which is to build a bridge to the future so our customer’s digital change processes end in success. Does that sound exciting? Then come and join us!

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  • Training

    Puzzled expressions. Lots of questions. And you’re right in the middle of it all. No two days are the same when you’re a trainer at tts. After all, your job won’t just be to teach and provide encouragement, you’ll also be the main point of contact for our customers when it comes to skills and qualifications. You will guide your projects to a successful conclusion independently, starting by analyzing requirements and developing learning concepts and ultimately creating documentation and carrying out evaluations. Your duties will include needs analysis, consulting, designing and implementing classroom training courses, blended-learning formats and project management.

  • E-Learning

    You’ll need one thing above all else in our team – curiosity. Every project will throw up brand new issues as you create electronic learning content and web-based training courses and help companies navigate complex change processes and achieve their ultimate goal. If you can get straight to the heart of the matter in your writing, have a creative spirit and are a fast learner, then welcome to the team! Your duties will include analyzing requirements and learning trends and using the tt performance suite authoring tool to design and produce learning content and web-based training courses.

Other questions you might have:

What does a typical day in the life of a trainer look like?
The only thing that is typical are surprises! Each day is as varied as the tasks a trainer undertakes. One thing that all trainers have in common is that, whether they’re working on-site or remotely, they are working for the customer. Even when the subject matter is pretty fixed, customer expectations can be much more variable. Nowhere else is this clearer than in classroom training courses. You never know what it is that makes the participants tick, what they already know and what expectations they’re bringing into the classroom. The same applies to all your other tasks. We are the experts who meet the customer’s needs in the context of skills and qualifications, offering advice and support and presenting learning content. Requirements and approaches vary with each and every project – especially at a time when agility is the primary objective of countless companies. Perhaps that is the key characteristic of a trainer’s day at work – you never know exactly what’s waiting for you, you’re always learning something new and you meet a whole range of people.

What aspects of training do customers typically need us to work on?
The classics are certainly a big feature – process and user training in IT for everything from SAP and SuccessFactors to customer-specific applications on the one hand and, on the other, training in soft skills such as “train the trainer” courses. However, there are also elements of consulting that come into play. These vary from one project to the next, but can cover every aspect of staff development in an organization. We hold workshops with customers to communicate, analyze, investigate and develop ideas, devise approaches for putting these ideas into practice, implement or support appropriate measures and then evaluate the procedure. The issues and subject matter we cover are multifaceted and far-reaching.

How much traveling will I need to do?
How much traveling you do will vary depending on the project you’re working on. However, trainers generally do a lot of traveling. At least two thirds of your working time will be spent “away on assignment”, but equally you might not go anywhere for several weeks at a time. Since a lot of our customers operate globally, the destinations you’ll be traveling to are equally international. All the same, virtual meetings and courses are increasingly replacing classroom training and therefore gradually reducing the need to travel.

What exactly is special about working in the tts Learning department?
There is very little in the way of routine. At the most, you might develop a routine when working on one project, only for everything to change again when the next one comes along. That makes your day-to-day working life all the more exciting. You’ll also be learning all the time. After all, before you can train other people in using new applications, you have to understand them yourself so you can pass on your expertise in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The Learning department offers the ideal environment for pursuing your own personal development through your work and growing with each new assignment. Thanks to direct contact with customers and course participants, you benefit from regular, direct and immediate feedback. You will also gain an insight into numerous other companies, their structures and processes, and experience different cultures. Even though traveling around a lot can be hard work, some of the places you will get to see are sure to make up for that. However, the best thing about working in the Learning department – what makes it special – are your colleagues, the team spirit and the support and appreciation we show one another.