Backoffice/ Sales

Don’t manage the present – shape the future!

A big machine will only run smoothly when every cog is turning as it should and everything down to the smallest detail is carefully coordinated. This is where you come in. Being part of our backoffice and sales teams means being able to make decisions fast, adopt an interdisciplinary approach, pursue ambitious targets and work as a team – all while everyone else is depending on you. Sounds like a lot of responsibility? It is. But why would you want anything less?

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  • IT/ Administration

    When everyone else is starting to lose their head, you see the light. When the mention of a malfunction sends others into a spin, you find inspiration. That’s exactly why we could use you on our team. As a committed IT administrator, you will ensure our servers, computer systems and network technologies are available around the clock. That’s one side to your work, so what about the other? You will take care of updates and backups and help your colleagues when they hit technical hitches. That all sounds manageable, doesn’t it? It’s no problem for us, anyway.

  • Sales

    When it comes to sales activities in a highly competitive environment, we believe that team spirit is absolutely essential. Do you agree? If you do, then you’ll find exciting challenges await you, assuming you’re highly motivated and are ready to delve into the diverse and complex requirements of our prospective customers. Don’t worry, the team is always there to lend support. Everything else depends on you, because your success is very much in your hands and your job offers you a lot of freedom. The basic idea is you can live and breathe sales as it suits you best. Like the sound of that? Then grab your opportunity!

  • Human Resources

    If you share our passion for technology and innovation, we look forward to putting your expertise and skills to good use. After all, that’s exactly what we need in our HR department. Your job is to take our success to the next level by working closely with the management team to track down talent for tts then nurture it and help it grow. You will play a key role in helping us shape the future.

  • Controlling

    If you see something good as the start of something better, then we’re on the same page. In our Controlling department, you’ll have a direct influence over our medium and long-term plans. At the same time, you’ll ensure our many and varied activities are in line with our financial targets.

Other questions you might have:

Who makes up the Backoffice?
You want to know who is in our back-office team? Human Resources, Controlling, IT, Administration, Legal, Marketing and Sales etc. These many internal departments work day in, day out to pull all our various threads together.

What does a typical day look like?
Our back-office activities are as diverse as our various departments and our international workforce. We take care of everything from A for advertising, B for billing, F for fruit and L for law to M for marketing, R for rail tickets, S for the summer meeting and T for target setting. We organize, we code, we research. In everything we do, we are determined and proud to give our entire team the best possible support. We know our colleagues and are on friendly terms with everyone (including senior managers), which stops formality from interfering with really straightforward and fast internal communication. We like to spend our lunch breaks together, whether we’re out and about or in our offices at tts. All our tts offices have state-of-the-art facilities and ergonomic workstations, and there is also the option of working from home. You’ll soon see that our back office is flexible and that when we all pull together our team is an unbeatable all-rounder.

Why is it called backoffice?
We refer to our internal departments as the back office, the teams that work in the background to put in place all the essentials and create clear structures and processes so our colleagues can focus entirely on doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

What exactly is special about working in the backoffice?
We are the point of contact for any issues and have the answer for (almost) every question. At our company its people that matter most. You can see that in our open-door policy, great listening skills, flat hierarchies, relaxed and friendly attitude, can-do mindset and appreciative, supportive and unwavering team spirit.