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Generalist or specialist – there’s room for both on our organically growing team of around 100 consultants. The work and the development opportunities that await you are equally as diverse. Working at the crossover between HR and IT, you can choose to focus on organizational or process management, or support customers with technical implementation tasks. You can provide consulting services, roll out systems or put your own ideas into action in our tts labs. Anything goes. The only thing that really matters is that you enjoy solving problems and impressing customers – just like we do. Sound about right? Then we should talk!

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  • We visit our customers regularly and do a lot of traveling for project work, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also in other countries all around the world. Wondering about our day-to-day work or routine? Well, that’s hard to pin down, as the average day in the life of a consultant can vary a lot. One day you might be visiting a customer for an on-site workshop, the next day you might be configuring a system. When you are not onsite - you might find yourself working in the office on regular hours, or from home on trust-based working time.

  • You would usually focus on one module such as Employee Central, Recruiting or Learning and become an expert in that area. However, you can also take things further and go on to master another module or, alternatively, take a broader outlook from the start. After all, we need both generalists and specialists.

    What happens once a system has gone live? Well, we don’t leave our customers in the lurch. Through our application management services, we answer those tricky questions that can crop up. This is yet another way you can build up your expertise with us.

  • Our motto at tts is “People matter most”, and that applies equally to our work with customers and how we run things at tts. We offer a whole variety of opportunities centered around the crossover between HR and IT. For example, you can opt to focus on organization and processes, decide to support customers with technical roll outs that extend all the way to their day-to-day business, or concentrate on putting your own technical ideas into practice and working on new products.

Other questions you might have:

How does a typical day in the life of a consultant look like?
To be honest, your work is so diverse and varied that there is no such thing as a typical day. As a consultant, you get the opportunity to show a new side to yourself every day, from holding workshops, testing new project methodologies and configuring systems to trialing a new function, carrying out project controlling tasks and more besides.

Do I need to have IT expertise if I want to be a SuccessFactors consultant?
If you’re working on our tech team, then we’d naturally expect you to have relevant experience and be enthusiastic about getting to know new computer languages and technologies. If you’re not joining us as a tech specialist then you don’t need to be able to code, but you should have a certain affinity with IT and be interested and keen to explore it further. If you can tick those boxes and you’re a self-starter who shows initiative and loves learning, then you’ll fit right in with us.

How much traveling will I need to do?
Traveling is a big part of being a consultant. You could find yourself spending a full five days with a customer – but that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. It’s more likely that you could be visiting a customer on Tuesday one week and the next week you might be with customer A on Wednesday and customer B on Thursday and Friday. A lot will depend on your flexibility, how you coordinate things with the customer and your role on the project in question.

What is it that makes working tts Consulting so special?
As simple as it might sound, it’s being part of a team, whether on a project, in the office, at meetings, during sporting events or even getting together over a cup of coffee. Since we encounter each other on different projects, in different roles and at different times, friendly, helpful cooperation really makes all the difference to how much we enjoy our work. And when it comes to an enjoyable working environment, tts is right up there with the best of them.