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Are you passionate about enterprise software? Do you also like working closely with leading companies, and are you keen to impress with your own ideas and Solutions? That’s great, because the same goes for us. Join a strong team and take on exciting challenges every day in the fields of development, professional services, product management, cloud services and customer support. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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  • Development & Quality Assurance

    Java, REST, Spring, HTML, CSS, daily stand-up meetings – you’ll be familiar with all of that. And you’ll need it, too. After all, the three million lines of code in our tt performance suite need skilled hands and bright minds if the software is going to run like a dream and keep on getting better with each new release. You and your colleagues will transform algorithms into user acceptance and construct frameworks within which all components will mesh together perfectly. Duties include developing applications, frameworks and web components, testing, and quality assurance.

  • Professional Services

    As the Professional Services team, we ensure our standard software – the tt performance suite – runs smoothly, that our customers’ expectations are exceeded, and that users are impressed over and over again. Depending on your strengths, you will assist our international teams, either as a customer consultant or as an experienced IT specialist tasked with ensuring our software is rolled out without a hitch and runs efficiently. Duties include consulting and life cycle support, rolling out the tt performance suite (including customizing and the integration of third-party solutions), and developing SmartComponents for our software.

  • Support & Customer Success Management

    Someone else has a problem and you have the solution. That’s more or less how it works on this team, which offers rapid and skilled support to users who have questions about the tt performance suite. When it comes to analyzing more complex issues, you will be working closely with colleagues from Development or Quality Assurance. You will also be administering several server systems and installing our software either on-site at the customer’s premises or via remote access. Duties in this role include general support, software licensing, handling support requests, and the distribution and installation of our software.

  • Product Management

    The team at Product Management has a sharp eye for new customer requirements, the competition and technological trends, which helps it develop tailor-made strategies for developing and positioning the tt performance suite. Working in close cooperation with Development, Sales, Marketing and the management team, you will set the direction for your “baby”. Duties include competition and customer analysis, strategic realignment and development, product positioning, roadmapping and supporting the Marketing Team.

  • Cloud Services Center

    Do you prefer to work behind the scenes, but still take pride in doing your bit? That’s ideal, because as part of this team you’ll be looking after our operations and taking our cloud infrastructures to the next level. You’ll also be working on the automation of virtualized IT environments, or helping customers and your colleagues in the support team to solve technical problems. Tuning the performance of our cloud systems will also be part of your remit, as are quality assurance and development work on our cloud infrastructure and portfolio, partner management duties, system integration, internal consulting and automation (infrastructure as code).

Other questions you might have:

What does a typical day in the life of a developer at tts look like?
Every day begins with a daily stand-up meeting when the most important information is distributed and we organize ourselves as a team. After that, our day is a lively mix of coding, pair programming and code reviews, not to mention analyzing and fixing defects. We also work on solutions for a whole range of internal and external requirements to help out our colleagues. Second-level support is part of what we do, too – taking care of troubleshooting and developing customer-specific integration solutions. We’re also on hand to carry out architecture reviews as and when required.

How is agility put into practice at tts?
Agility isn’t just a buzz word in our company – we work in scrums, as part of self-organizing teams, and have a two-week sprint cycle. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we work with the product owner to refine our user stories in the backlog before each sprint. What’s more, when we move from one sprint to the next, we carry out reviews, retrospectives and sprint planning for the next one to two sprints. As you can see, we’re in great shape – something that’s clear from the close collaboration we pursue with other developers, testers and product owners. We are supported in our work by an experienced scrum master and are big fans of direct face-to-face communication. What else is important to us? Good design, high code quality and enjoying our work!

How will tts help keep my expertise and the technologies I’m using up to date?
We introduce new technologies on a regular basis at tts and the right further training can be provided on request at any time. Code reviews and pair programming help to foster collaboration and communication, and you can let off steam in our tt Lab, where there is plenty of freedom for experimental projects. Knowledge transfer is a big deal in our company and is underpinned by inter-departmental poster sessions and workshops that are held both within and between teams. We also stage quarterly Dev Days, which give us developers the ideal opportunity to do some serious networking and knowledge-sharing.

What exactly does work in the Software department involve?
Our Software department works with a huge code base and an extensive variety of different technologies, programming languages and developer tools – there’s no chance of being bored. We maintain an open culture based around discussion and feedback, flat hierarchies and direct channels of communication. Our unique working atmosphere and team spirit are very important to us and we understand the value of trust-based hours and the opportunity to work from home. We are particularly proud that around 25 bright minds are behind our software – which is used by over five million people day in, day out. Last but not least, we have a lot of our most productive discussions over foosball, darts or after-work drinks.